About us

Liturgy team

The Parish Liturgy Team is responsible for preparing the liturgies for major feasts and other liturgical events as they occur throughout the year.  The Team meet monthly.

If you would like any more information on the Parish Liturgy Team, or wish to raise anything, please feel free to speak to them following Mass or contact the Parish Office.

Team members

  • Trish Stapleton (Pastoral Associate)
  • Jeanine Bowlen
  • Margaret McFerran
  • Alisson O’Connor
  • Julie Bakes
  • Jackie Hardy
  • Margaret Kostowski
  • Lorraine Kohlman
  • Carmel Culpeper
  • Mary Boyde
  • Jomcy Joseph
  • Lita Payang
  • Madonna Ogden
  • Veronica Henderson