Since our Parish Planning Day in 2010, when we resolved among other things to introduce Stewardship as the spiritual hinge of our Parish, we have been doing as much as we can to make its message reach our Parishioners. Such efforts could be seen in our newsletters, homilies and even the renaming of our pastoral council to Pastoral/Stewardship Council.

To further ensure that we solidify Stewardship in our parish, the Parish/Pastoral/Stewardship Council last year resolved to hold a Stewardship Week in our Parish. In our Parish Calendar, we sited the program for the last week of this month. We are already in discussions with Chris Ehler, who is in charge of Stewardship in the Archdiocese. Along with Chris we are working hard to ensure the program would be successful.

Activities for the stewardship week will include seminar/training for Pastoral/Stewardship Council and Finance Committee members as well as another for ministry leaders in the parish. Our parish schools would also be included in the activities as much as is possible. Finally, at weekend masses during the Stewardship Week, all parishioners will be reintroduced to the basics of Stewardship by and Archdiocesan team.

We encourage all parishioners to pray for the advancement of this program and to work towards its success.

God Bless,
Fr Emmanuel