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Homily and newsletter – 22 November 2020

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Today’s solemnity of Christ the King ends the Church’s liturgical year on a high point. Perhaps, after the year we have had, we need, more than ever, to savour the full title of this feast: ‘Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe’.

So that God ‘may be all in all’ (Second Reading), Christ is, indeed, king over the whole universe. Though we may have felt – and perhaps still feel – ‘scattered, during the mist and darkness’ of 2020, God keeps the flock always in view (First Reading) and will show us where to rest.

We are not abandoned. Rather, the care of the one, true, kingly shepherd means we really shall want for nothing (Psalm). The call of this Shepherd King is heard in the Gospel, inviting us to a share, both in his service of others, especially to the very least, and in his very life.

This week, let’s try to be open to that call and respond with joyful and generous hearts.