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Homily and newsletter – 15 November 2020

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This Sunday marks both the last week of Ordinary Time and the penultimate Sunday of the liturgical year, as we prepare for
the Feast of Christ, King of the Universe, next Sunday.

Today’s readings, like those of last week, continue to remind us that we need to be prepared for the end of time, an event which the authors of the New Testament thought was imminent.

The First Reading from Proverbs suggests that we should embody all the qualities of ‘the perfect wife’ as seen through the eyes of the author. She is industrious and diligent, not just for her family but also for the poor and the needy.

The Psalm also extols the virtues of family life and blesses those who fear – or are in awe of – the Lord.

In the Second Reading, St Paul tells us that the Day of the Lord will come when we least expect it, ‘like a thief in the night’. We should remain wide awake in anticipation of the Lord’s coming.

In the Gospel, the parable of the talents reminds us to use the gifts and talents we have for the benefit of others. Everyone has been given at least one talent, and it is our duty to use it in the service of society.

This week, I might spend some time reflecting on how best I can use the talents I have been entrusted with, so that when the time comes, I can also be called a ‘good and faithful servant’.