Holy Orders

Men who are to be ordained to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ after years of seminary formation, studies and prayers are encouraged by the promotion of vocation to the priesthood in our parish. Priests are ordained to serve God and the people of God. In the role of servant leader, the Priest provides the appropriate and fulsome celebration of the Sacraments and the Proclamation of the Word.

As the shepherd of a parish, the priest is responsible for overseeing the life of the parish community and the building up of the Kingdom of God. He shares in the lives of his parishioners at sacramental times, celebrating key moments of their lives as well as sharing in their everyday experiences. The Church continues to need people in the Ministerial Priesthood.

If you feel called to this ministry or other ministries similar to it, you can discuss it further with the Parish Priest. Fr Emmanuel is a former seminary Rector in Nigeria and is currently a formator in Holy Spirit Seminary, Banyo.