Sacramental program


When children have been baptised, they may be considered eligible for Confirmation and first reception of Holy Eucharist from about the age of eight years. Presently in the Archdioceses of Brisbane, Holy Eucharist is celebrated after confirmation and usually in grade four.

The sacramental celebration is prepared for within a parish program that involves the child and the parents for the sacraments. When readiness for the sacraments has been determined, each child is enrolled in the parish program for sacramental preparation. Each child receives sound catechesis both before and after the time of celebrating the sacraments.

When the Christian community meets to celebrate the Eucharist, Jesus is present.  We recognise his presence in the gathering of the baptised, in the leadership of the priest, in the proclamation of the scriptures, and in the consecrated Bread and Wine we share.  Jesus said, “Do this in memory of me.”  In the Eucharist, we remember Jesus’ self-giving love.

Each time we celebrate Eucharist we are reminded of God’s love for all and the salvation which Jesus Christ accomplished for us. We are then invited to reach out to those in need of God’s mercy, those without food, friendship, peace and hope. By doing this, we make the world a better place.