Sacramental program


When children have been baptised, they may be considered eligible for Confirmation and first reception of Holy Eucharist from about the age of eight years. Presently in the Archdioceses of Brisbane, Confirmation is celebrated prior to First Eucharist and usually in grade 3.

Confirmation 2021

The sacramental celebration is prepared for within a parish program that involves the child and the parents for the sacraments. When readiness for the sacraments has been determined, each child is enrolled in the parish program for sacramental preparation. Each child receives sound catechesis both before and after the time of celebrating the sacraments.

Confirmation acts as a sort of coming of age ritual within the Church and helps to prepare the young person for adult life as a Christian.  In Confirmation, children are signed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, become more perfectly the image of Christ, are empowered with the Spirit to bear witness before all the world, and to work for the building up of the Body of Christ.